What does adventure mean to you?

Adventure can take many forms. It’s a term used often, and arguably lightly these days. It no longer requires that you spend many months in relative danger and discomfort in some kind of arctic tundra, battling polar bears and growing a mighty beard.  For many,  heading out on a hike, exploring a wild place orContinue reading “What does adventure mean to you?”

Rough Running for Urban Uprising

Over the weekend, I got together with a brilliant team from Urban Uprising to take part in the Edinburgh Rough Runner. Urban Uprising is a charity that I’ve been involved with for a few years. The aim is to empower disadvantaged children through climbing. It’s mostly volunteer run, and we rely on fundraising and grantsContinue reading “Rough Running for Urban Uprising”

My first marathon! The Glencoe Marathon Gathering

I ran the Glencoe Marathon last Sunday! 26.2 miles. I only went and flipping did it! And enjoyed it – oh heck, what if I end up doing more of these mad things?! I finished in 6 hours 6 minutes. A solid 54 minutes faster than I thought I would be! Here’s a wee runContinue reading “My first marathon! The Glencoe Marathon Gathering”

I’ve never done a marathon!

Having never run a marathon before, I decided that The Glencoe Marathon would be my first. Why? I simply didn’t fancy running that distance on tarmac. There was no further thought process. If I was going to run that kind of distance, it would be on trail.  With 5 days to go, I’m starting toContinue reading “I’ve never done a marathon!”