The Scottish Adventure Calendar

While I was trying to write down my goals for the year, I discovered a lot of cool events going on in Scotland.

I considered trying to pull together a full Scottish Adventure Calendar, before realising just how much is on! I got lost down the rabbit hole of how many amazing things I might one day take part in, before a more measured mindset kicked in (partly due to the price tag attached to some of these events)

Instead, here is a snapshot of SOME of the cool adventurous things going on in Scotland this year.


19th & 20th – Strathpuffer endurance mountain bike event



16th  – The Wee Triathlon  A pool based mini triathlon. Perfect for a first tri attempt


27th – The Highland Fling


3rd – 5th – Scapa Yoga Festival 


22nd  –  West Highland Way race



3rd – Devil O’ The Highlands

17th – Glencoe Open Water Swim


8th – Glencoe Marathon Gathering

14th & 15th – Run, bike and kayak in the Rat Race coast to Coast 

21st – Ring of Steall Skylien race

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