Another Adventure: 2019

Happy new year!

We’re just over a week into 2019, so I thought I’d better get my adventure goals for the year down in writing.

My theory is that if other people know about them, I’ll have to work harder to make sure I achieve at least most of them. So, 2019. Here we go!

Climbing, climbing climbing

2019 is going to be more about climbing! I started climbing in 2011, and don’t really feel like I’ve dedicated enough time to really improving in the sport. Each time I re-focus, I feel like I reach a similar level, plateau, then fall away from it again. To avoid this, I decided to ditch ‘climb more’ and be a bit more specific:

1. Pass my Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI). The CWI is the standard qualification to be an indoor climbing instructor in the UK. I completed the training at Uni…. so YEARS ago, and never got round to doing the training. I’d like to be qualified by the end of March, but will need to wait for assessment courses to run locally.

2. Use my CWI. I want to make sure that I am making use of the qualification. The big reason I want to get qualified is to get more involved with a charity that I volunteer with – Urban Uprising. It’s only a few years old, but growing quickly. We want to be more independent, and that means having our own instructors. Fancy volunteering? We currently run in Glasgow and Edinburgh but are keen to develop throughout the UK. Comment below or ping me a message – we’re a lovely bunch, I promise!

The morning of our Urban Uprising Ben Nevis Challenge

3. Outdoors! I would love to attend the Women’s Trad Festival in August. Last year tickets sold out in 180 seconds! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, and trying to get out under my own steam over the summer too.

Climbing hills too

The Horns of Alligin

I passed my summer Mountain leader in November 2017, and don’t feel like I’ve bee out on the hill much since.

I want to spend more time in the hills, in many different ways this year. I want to get out and use my new winter kit, stay the night in a couple of bothies. I have my eye on some scrambles and ridges, but also quite fancy running along the tops of the South Sheil Ridge. I want to swim outdoors in lochs and tarns and get over my terrible reluctance for cold water.

Winter on Cairngorm
CMD Arete

As well as actually getting out into the mountains, I want to read more too. I’m looking for any outdoor based books to read. Any recommendations?

Explore the Adriatic coastΒ 

I get married this year! Flippin’ heck, when did we become adults?

We’re super excited to be heading off to Croatia for our honeymoon. It’s a country that neither of us have visited before, so we’re really excited to spend some time exploring it together. While we will have a bit of downtime and probably go on a wine tour, but we also want to squeeze in some sailing, snorkelling, hiking and lots of swimming as well.

Explore more

Even after a wedding and a honeymoon, I still have a few weeks holiday to take from work. I have no solid plans yet but would love to spend some time hiking in Wales, maybe even do a surf camp again.

So that’s my 2019. What is everyone else planning?

My last big one is this. Less social media, more social me. So if anyone wants to meet up for a climb, go a hike, take the bikes out or even grab a coffee – give me a shout!

2 thoughts on “Another Adventure: 2019”

  1. Your plans leave me breathless! I’m definitely reaching the use-it-or-lose-it age (sixties) so this year I hope to get out and about a little bit more locally – back to 5 mile walks instead of 2 – and would love it if I could find time to head back to Scotland or Wales, maybe at a warm enough time for swimming in the sea πŸ™‚


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