Kit store: Alpkit Numo

I spent 40 nights in a tent over the course of last year. It’s looking like it’ll be even more this year. With so many nights sleeping on the ground, I’m rather glad I upgraded from my old foam mat!

1 litre Nalgene for scale!

For the past year, I have been using the Alpkit Numo. I bought it before a 10-day trek, so for me the main appeal was the tiny 420g weight. It helps that it packs down tiny too!


Anyone familiar with the Alpkit brand won’t be surprised to find that the Numo costs just £39.

You do risk getting a little light headed blowing up the Numo, but it’s well worth it for a wonderfully comfortable nights sleep. Fully inflated the Numo is 8.5 cm thick. As a side sleeper, I can now sleep comfortably without having aching sore hips in the morning! The struggle has now become convincing myself to get up out of my comfy and cosy cocoon .

IMG_20170309_152445I was so impressed with the Numo that I bought my brother one for his birthday. Then I recommended it to anyone who would listen. Then mine got a puncture…… gutted.

Never fear – Alpkit’s customer service was fantastic! You do get a repair kit included with the mat, and they first sent me a few videos and a spare repair kit to see if I could fix it.

Some washing up liquid and a lunchtime nap on the mat in my living room to see if the repair would hold later, it was becoming obvious that it wasn’t going to work.  The puncture was along an awkward seam beside the valve, and the repair just was not going to hold.

Alpkit were happy to send me out a replacement under their standard 3-year warranty that they offer on all of their products. Within a few days, I was good to go with a shiny new replacement to take out on my trip! Sorted.

Numo in action. I’m in the blue jumper – having a very satisfactory nap. Robyn is not impressed at Lewis and being asleep by 4pm!

Since then, it’s got me through many nights of DofE expeditions and my mountain leader assessment.

Pros: Budget friendly, lightweight and super comfortable. Perfect for long and lightweight expeditions.

Cons: Possibly a bit narrow if you’re really broad or a wiggly sleeper. Not quite the build quality of other well-known brands, but that’s reflected in the price. I also spent a few months mistakenly referring to it as the Alkpit Nemo….. not sure that’s a legit complaint though.

Conclusion: It’s absolutely my favourite piece of kit that I bought last year and I would 100% recommend it to everyone!





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