Off the tourist trail: Roma

When going somewhere new, I always like to find something different to do. Even at home, I love finding restaurants and cafes away from the big chains that offer something a little individual. When planning our trip to Rome, I was determined to find something unusual for us to do as a wee surprise for Craig’s birthday. After searching for a few weeks, I found an unusual little restaurant that looked perfect: Roma Tramjazz. 

Tramjazz is a tiny little restaurant in a converted 1940’s cart that takes you around Rome as you enjoy good food, great live music and plenty of wine. 

I’m hopeless at keeping secrets, but think I managed to keep this a surprise. With instructions to get dressed up for dinner and be at Piazza di Porta Maggiore for 9pm, I managed to keep Craig guessing about what I had planned until this tram pulled up beside us. The first thing you notice is the sign on the side, then all of the tables set up nicely for dinner and the smooth background music. Needless to say, I was feeling a little smug with my amazing find!

We were welcomed on with a glass of prosecco each and as everyone took their seats, the band started to play. Backed by a saxophone, guitar and double bass, the singer was brilliantly entertaining. Great singing was accompanied by parading up and down the tram and joining some of the tables as he sang as well as a bit of dancing set the tone for a really enjoyable and relaxed evening. 

As we travelled around the city, the band took a seat and the waiters started serving food – time to find out if our attempts at translating the menu had been any good! Probably due to the limited space a set menu is served and as the evening lasts three hours in total, five small portions were spread throughout the night. The food was really great with both Craig and I agreeing that the Bocconcini brasati con broccoletti  (or beef and greens) was our favourite. Desert provided a bit of a learning experience in that we discovered that Craig doesn’t greatly enjoy port, and I quite like cappuccino. Delicious! 

Between portions, we stopped outside both the museum of modern art and the Colosseum where the band played some more and we had the chance to step out to enjoy the view.  

With such brilliant music, good food and amazing entertainment paired with the really cool concept of travelling around Rome in this wee old tram, I would definitely say that this was one of the most enjoyable meals I have ever had. Though rather expensive, if you’re looking for a lovely wee night that offers something a little different, Tramjazz is definitely worth it! 

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