I’ve had a rather exciting year!

Between working, moving across the car park to a new flat and continuing to drink too much tea, I have managed to fit in quite a few exciting trips and trails. 

In February, Craig and I headed off to Rome for a few days. I have a passing interest in history and don’t really get too excited about cities, but Craig loves history and architecture – Rome was definitely a must see for him. While I was excited to go, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it quite as much as I did! I found it quite surreal to be walking among such iconic historical places as soon as we walked out of the hotel door.

April brought my Mountain Leader training course. Despite it being a training course, I found myself getting pretty nervous in the few days (and weeks) leading up to it. Now, that feels a bit silly. I had the chance to be out and learning from two fantastic tutors, and the opportunity to work with a really strong group from loads of different backgrounds. It was a fantastic experience, and I came away feeling fairly confident in my skills but at the same time realising I have a lot of work to do before I go for the assessment. Hopefully I will be a fully certified ML before the snow starts to fall at the end of 2016!

Eurotour was two weeks of summer in a Spaceships campervan! Despite a bit of a false start when we missed the ferry and had to pay for a second lot of tickets, the rest of our journey across western Europe was amazing. Through Belgium, Germany, accidentally crossing into Austria before arriving in Switzerland like we intended then heading on to Italy before finally heading back north again through France, it was a bit of an epic! We had a great time and would definitely use Spaceships again -though we would probably cover a much shorter distance.

The second half of the year has been a bit quieter, punctuated with the occasional camping trip and trying to get my climbing grade up again. There’s still just over a month left, so hopefully I can still fit in another few micro-adventures!

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