The Glencoe Marathon Gathering

The Glencoe Marathon. My current mad challenge. Entering was a good idea at the time. I'll complete this 26.2mile race a week before my 26th birthday! hopefully... I've grown up knowing lots of amazing runners who do these big epic races (& bigger). My dad once ran the West Highland Way in 2 1/2 days,… Continue reading The Glencoe Marathon Gathering


Rough Running for Urban Uprising

Over the weekend, I got together with a brilliant team from Urban Uprising to take part in the Edinburgh Rough Runner. Urban Uprising is a charity that I've been involved with for a few years. The aim is to empower disadvantaged children through climbing. It's mostly volunteer run, and we rely on fundraising and grants… Continue reading Rough Running for Urban Uprising


Try: Orienteering

Despite years of being out on the hills, I've never taken part in an orienteering event. Sunday was my first, and I flipping loved it! Orienteering is a combination of two things that I enjoy - running and navigation - so I was pretty excited to give it a go. The event I took part… Continue reading Try: Orienteering


Happy birthday Nan!

No, not my Nan. I call her Gran anyway..... The lady in question is Nan Shepard, and today she would have been 125 years old. Nan was born in Aberdeen and spent most of her life in Aberdeenshire and the Cairngorms. An author, professor, and poet, Nan's recent fame is in part due to the… Continue reading Happy birthday Nan!


The Scottish Adventure Calendar

While I was trying to write down my goals for the year, I discovered a lot of cool events going on in Scotland. I considered trying to pull together a full Scottish Adventure Calendar, before realising just how much is on! I got lost down the rabbit hole of how many amazing things I might… Continue reading The Scottish Adventure Calendar


Another Adventure: 2019

Happy new year! We're just over a week into 2019, so I thought I'd better get my adventure goals for the year down in writing. My theory is that if other people know about them, I'll have to work harder to make sure I achieve at least most of them. So, 2019. Here we go!… Continue reading Another Adventure: 2019


Zero Waste Expeditions

It's mainstream knowledge now. Single-use plastic is the enemy, and we can't keep treating the planet the way we have been over the past few decades. That's why next year I'll be attempting to undertake zero waste expeditions. Over this past year, I have made a good attempt at cutting down on what I threw… Continue reading Zero Waste Expeditions

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My first marathon! The Glencoe Marathon Gathering

I ran the Glencoe Marathon last Sunday! 26.2 miles. I only went and flipping did it! And enjoyed it - oh heck, what if I end up doing more of these mad things?! I finished in 6 hours 6 minutes. A solid 54 minutes faster than I thought I would be! Here's a wee run… Continue reading My first marathon! The Glencoe Marathon Gathering

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I’ve never done a marathon!

Having never run a marathon before, I decided that The Glencoe Marathon would be my first. Why? I simply didn't fancy running that distance on tarmac. There was no further thought process. If I was going to run that kind of distance, it would be on trail.  With 5 days to go, I'm starting to… Continue reading I’ve never done a marathon!

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My 5 favourite places on the NC500

At the start of June, Craig and I headed off to explore the North Coast 500. Following the coastline, the route heads north from Inverness to John O' Groats before heading west towards Dunress and looping back around by Unapool, Ullapool and Torridon. While the roads and many of the places to visit en route… Continue reading My 5 favourite places on the NC500